vlad's Great Toe Adventure

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<vlad as a bum> vlad takes two weeks off work to
recuperate. See the elevated bandaged
foot? Shhhhh. Be vewwy quiet. It's healing!
<Bandaged foot> A closer view of vlad's foot, freshly
bandaged. vlad had to clean the toe
and wrap it several times a day.
vlad gladly used the excuse of keeping
the foot elevated to be messy.
Hmmm, whose knee could that be in the corner?
<Ewwww> So what happened? Ah, here's a close-up!
vlad had a run-in with a part of his stereo
system - the receiver. It was thirsty, so it
leapt off an entertainment center and made a
surgical strike on the ring toe. Luckily
a surgeon at Baptist Hospital was able to
stitch the end of the toe back on, so vlad
can still count to twenty-one!
<Icky> Another gruesome angle of the toe.
Ya know, those billing department bastards
are still sending vlad bills even though this
happened in May '97 (whoops, Y2K alert!) May 1997
Baptist Hospital - great doctors, asshole accountants.
In the nails department, sadly, vlad can only
count to nineteen. Today's toe may frighten
small children, but hey, it's there!


Notably missing is an image of the receiver.
vlad started to take a picture, but it said
to leave it alone else it will arise for another sacrifice.

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