vlad Finds and Loses His Religion

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<Graduating!> vlad graduates from eighth grade --
a Lutheran school. The Red behind vlad? Cindy.
vlad had a crush on her. She probably thought
vlad was a major geek.
<vlad and Pastor> vlad poses with his Pastor.
On chapel day, the boys wore cords.
(If you have to ask, you were probably
born in the 80s...) The girls? Dresses,
otherwise they were tomboys the rest of
the week.
<vlad and Laurrie> During senior year of HS,
vlad and fellow teens from a Southern
Baptist youth group made a jaunt up to
the hills in MD to help build a Baptist student union.
In the mornings they would build. In the
afternoon, they would hold backyard bible studies.
vlad (being the oldest one of the group and a legal adult)
and Laurrie were allowed to hold a group without
the supervision of a grownup.
<vlad studies> vlad dutifully studies his bible, preparing
a lesson for the forthcoming afternoon backyard
bible study. The daughter of one of the chaperon
grownups jams to her tunes. vlad held on dearly to
the preppy image with his khakis and sperrys.
<Building a BSU> Union break! (I know, bad pun!) vlad surveys
the day's work at the BSU -- surprisingly clean
but then the sheetrock was put up earlier in the week.
<Bobbing for Baptists> vlad was "sprinkle baptized" in the Lutheran church.
Seems this wasn't good enough for Southern Baptists.
When vlad formally joined, being dunked was a pre-req.
Ah well, at least first graders didn't go before vlad.
<Obscure South Park reference!>

So what's vlad's current religious stance? There's not enough room on this website to fit in vlad's disdain for organized religion. On the other hand, vlad is an ordained minister...

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