vlad's Uncle & The Cardboard Regatta

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vlad's uncle was the defending champ of The Cardboard Regatta, so vlad, Mike and Jamey went to cheer him on. Jamey brought her cam to record the event.

The idea of The Cardboard Regatta is to build a 3-person boat out of cardboard and duct tape and sail it around two buoys. There are prizes for the fastest time, the best theme and the best sinking. You could build your boat on your own or come to the marina and build it out of the materials provided. 3M provided the duct tape (which was totally gone by the time we arrived).
The contestants. The Loch Ness Grande is vlad's Uncle's boat. The Titanic was built in 30 minutes and was only duct taped at the seams! Looks like a definite candidate for best sinker! All the other boats have sealed their exteriors with duct tape! The Yellow Submarine is very similar to the Loch Ness Grande, basically a tube...but the Loch Ness Grande has outriggers... The El Nino is a sturdy little dingy. The Noru looks like a very tight fit for 3 people! Moby Dick looks like a bathtub!
My uncle and crew with the Loch Ness Grande.
My uncle, dad, mike, me and lots of friends help ready the Loch Ness Grande for launch. It might be cardboard, but it's HEAVY!
The Loch Ness Grande glides easily through the water
The Yellow Submarine overturns multiple times ignobly. Lack of outriggers means the crew never successfully manages to board the boat!
Surprise, surprise! Not only does the Titanic 2 *NOT* sink, it blazes past with the best time! (Note to self: Cardboard evidently takes longer to soak than we thought!)
The ??? boat sinks almost immediately; the pontoon was the only thing that floated. The determined crew pretends to paddle and walks their boat around the course!
The "Anything Goes" race for bragging rights. Hmmm...Evidently the Titanic 2's cardboard finally soaked through! The Loch Ness Grande continues to glide gracefully through the water. The ??? crew still manages to win as they jog their boat through the water!

Of course, the natural consequence of having watched this event is forming the resolve to participate next year! Someday you will see the sequel of this page from the builder's point of view as vlad, Mike and Jamey launch their own design in next year's Cardboard Regatta!

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