vlad's Biore Trial

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vlad tries to determine the actual effectiveness of Biore's latest skin product which claims to basically flypaper the gunk in your skin pores right out!
<vlad's Nose BEFORE Biore> Here is vlad's nose BEFORE Biore!
<In process> vlad duly washed his face and wet his nose, smoothing the strip on across his nose area. He feels like he was the loser in a prize fight. There's no dignity in wearing one of these things.
<wallpapered vlad> the glue dries.
<the forest> Gross in an inexplicable kind of way, the forest of gunk evacuated from vlad's nose pores.
BEFORE <before>
AFTER <after>
Well, is there a difference? vlad's nose looks somewhat red and irritated, as would any portion of the epdermis that had been forcibly denuded. Is this something that humanity was meant to do? The serious moral question arises, should we be tampering with the contents of our skin pores? What's next, strips to fish out our bellybutton lint?

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