Photos from Ed & Dave's trip to Ohio and Kentucky for Christmas, 2004.

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Matching chocolates from two different people! You can never have too much chocolate.

Ruben makes a selection.

Dave tries in vain to add a sign ... but the bus keeps mowing it down!

Dave & Ruben take a shot at extruding Play Doh into shapes. This kept them occupied for more than an hour!

Ruben instructs Dave in the finer points of Play Doh sculpting.

Dave may have an engineering degree, but Ruben still tries to teach him the right way to extrude material!

A profile shot of a flying Hot Wheels car.

So Dave gets the idea to line up THREE Hot Wheels cars, and let 'em go all at once. We tried this a few times before I got the photo I wanted.

Even one of the mini-Hot Wheels made the loop and eventual jump into the pile-o-cars at the end.

One of our traditions after Rachel joined the family is to open Christmas Crackers. Each one comes with a paper hat. We all wear them while we eat.

A sunset on Christmas Day. Taken out the window by Dave on our drive home to Florida.
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