Photos from Ed & Dave's trip to Ohio and Kentucky for Christmas, 2004.

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Dave working one of my Christmas presents. It's a metal shape for holding my magnet collection. He got a new nickname at work from working on this project. He's now known as "TIGGER". (As in Winnie the Pooh's friend.)

Our Christmas tree in Pensacola with presents for friends underneath.

My Tribute getting snowed on. This was in Columbus on Tuesday before Christmas.

Broken branches at Dave's Mom's house from the ice storm.

The mailbox at Carole's (Dave's mom) house.

Effects of freezing rain on a low hanging branch in Columbus.

The temperature was very low and only a few flakes were still falling, but nearly every one was perfectly shaped -- like the snowflakes you see in textbooks.

The red line is the rear window defroster on Carole's car. Giving the "Super macro" setting on my camera quite the workout!

Another snowflake picture.

Oak leaf in the freezing rain. While beautiful, the ice took it's toll with the power being off for a couple of days and made shopping and getting around quite a challenge with just a few days left till Christmas.

My nephew Kolson. Quite the poser.

My sister Jeannie hugging her 2'nd to oldest -- Gary at my Dad's house on Christmas Eve.
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