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A small look at Pensacola.

Around March of 1997 the home of Nic,, was born. I'll let JameyDee tell the story of from here.

"I've been broadcasting since March of 1997, one of the first generation of cams that started after JenniCam. I know I was actually broadcasting intermittently before then, but March 1997 is the4 earliest I can prove. :) It started simply enough, a bunch of my friends had discovered "The Spam Cam" wherein on could watch a plate of Spam rot day by day, and then stumbled upon JenniCam. JenniCam became our soap opera of sorts. After a while, it dawned on me, well, darn, you know, I could do this, too. If my friends wanted something boring to watch (like Jenni Shoe rack and Jennie Empty Bed), I fit the bill just as well, and I was more likely to be there! :) Thus Jamey Dee's Endlessly Thrilling Office/Home Cam was born."

JameyDee asked a few of us to join her in the new neighborhood. Many years and version of Nic have gone by. I've been gone for a while but I'm back with a new look. Enjoy!