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A small look at Pensacola.

I'm a native of Pensacola, Florida, home of the world's whites beaches. I was born 19Dec69. I'm 6"2', 185 lbs., favorite number is 7, and color is royal blue, as if you couldn't tell by the look of my pages or my previous work. LoL

I love to meet new people of every walk of life. I know meeting different people has enriched my life with knowledge and understanding of others and the world around me. With that in mind, feel free to hit me up for a chat. As always if you have a problem with viewing my pages just let me know, so I can fix it. : )

FYI, just because I have a cam, doesn't mean I am going to take my clothes off! LoL Nic's Cam is a way for me to keep in contact with friends, make new friends from around the world and, to allow other friends to watch the development of my web designing skills.

Big hug and kiss to JameyDee and Perk for always having my back and helping me with my computer issues. LoL Nic would not exist with the two of them. Much love.