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What's New at Jamey Dee's Loft?




  • New photo album page, the first QuickCam pics I ever took!
  • Massively embarrassing video added to multimedia section!


  • Massive update to Russy's section. Added 7 new pics to his Babylon 5 photo album.
  • Added a new page to Russy's album, his tour through "Twin Peaks." :)

  • First major update in ages. Redid method of accessing past cam notes. Now there's a nifty little menu and gadget that is consistent across all the cam notes pages.


  • Added Cam Art Section.


  • At PETE's request, changed all references to "Peter" to "Pete." (Hi, PETER!!!) ;P
  • Updated July Cam Notes
  • Started August Cam Notes
  • Fixed the broken link "17" on July Cam Notes
  • Streamlined the Cam Intro for faster loading.
  • Removed the Quizlet
  • Made the Heroes listing separate page
  • Added starting date of cam.


  • Fixed the "What's New" duplicate entry. :)
  • Fixed the missing picture in Photo Album Group Pictures Index
  • Added Pictures with Famous People in Photo Album
  • Added Phase 1 of Travel Diary Section
  • Fixed a silly little graphic on my site map that's been bothering me. :)
  • Updated Russell's Photo Album--Added his Artist and Writer Friends


  • Added Group Pictures to on-line Photo Album
  • Added On-Line Status and Chat Status to Cam Page
  • Added Quizlet asking for opinions on adding a chat page
  • Moved Top 1000 banner to a less unwieldy spot back on the Cam Intro page.


  • Added Phase 1 of on-line Photo Album, including silly rotating photo cube.


  • Updated the Cam Notes.
  • Made an editorial statement about CyberThrill by altering their banner and redirecting the hits.


  • Updated the Cam Notes. Massively.
  • Added the very large and very heart felt thank you to the cam intro.
  • Tinkered with moving the "Top 1000" icon.
  • Added "Roomies" section, documenting Russell Reebok's Celebrity run-ins.
  • Older update: added the VCR to the cam page.

  • Added the Multimedia page with a sound sample from yours truly and a screensaver. :)
  • Updated the Cam Notes
  • Tinkered with the functioning of the Rewind page. It no longer updates and now opens in the Live Cam Picture Window. Made the pictures full-size, as well. :)
  • Removed the casino banners--they went out of business. :S
  • Oh, yeah, added some obnoxious javascript on part of the index bars on the side. :P Notice the neat-o effect when you pass over an entry with your mouse? ::rolls eyes:: Well, I have to have SOME fun, ya know! :)
  • Almost forgot--changed the front graphics, got rid of the dorky signature. :)


  • Added "Jamey Dee: Rewind" by popular request: Last 10 pictures feature. :)
  • Updated all the navigation bars to reflect addition. Tinkered with punctuation and spelling on lots of pages. ;P


  • Added advertising banners to The Brownstone. Yes, I know, I know. But the financial reality is starting to hit. Maintaining 6 webcams is an expensive hobby and I really need for it to pay for itself! I really don't want to go the JenniCam route!
  • Added The Gaming Center to the loft with a list of Playstation games (someone asked, what can I say?). :)


Well, I added February's Cam Notes page and included a link back to January's, in case you wanted to peruse my inane previous scribblings. In addition, I added the "What's New at Apt. 2A" page. ;) Figured I should since I expect things to be added and changed almost constantly. I'm on a roll!