Jamey Dee: Interests / Shooting
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Drop 'Em!

GIF of JD pointing gun at camera Please note:

  • This is what the business end of a Glock 17 looks like.
  • This is definitely not the end you want to be on.

Target shooting is one of my hobbies. I've been shooting for about two years now. I'm no Annie Oakley, but I do manage to find the target.

I think that's a pretty decent spread; about a hand's width. I've not quite taken out the center after a 100 rounds of .22 ammo. :) I guess I have to firm up the wrists since I'm shooting low. So if you are planning to assail me in the dark, be forewarned, while I probably won't kill you, odds are that I will hit you. :)

I have mixed emotions about the whole gun issue. While I enjoy making large holes in small pieces of paper with someone else's guns, I feel uncomfortable with the idea of actually owning one.