Russell Rebok Bellybutton Bear

Master Pogrammer, The Pone Company

Russy and Jamey

Birthday: July 13, 1989

Turn ons:

This is Russy. He's in charge. I know, you're asking yourself, "In charge of what?" Well, it's simple, he's in charge of EVERYTHING. That's what being the Master Pogrammer of THE Pone Company means! He pograms people using tatic lectricity. You know those times when you touch something and get a little shock? Odds are, you've just been pogrammed!

Of course, Russy uses his pogramming ability only for the best possible reasons, like promoting world peace, crusading for justice, and of course for his private amusement and pleasure. Just think of him as a benevolent mad scientist and keep those chocolate chip offerings coming! (All Bellintians, no matter what their specific species or clan affiliation may be, are suckers for a good chocolate chip cookie.) You might want to make a note that Russy likes his chocolate chip cookies with added nuts.

You know, he finds Scott Adam's Dogbert posing as Thor, God of Thunder, really funny. As you know, Dogbert likes to get charged up with Static Electricity and then shock people. Well, pogramming with Tatic Lectricity is akin to that, only much more subtle, nothing as crude, and much more effective--unless Russy's uploading a really major pogramming change to your behavior--then you might feel a major jolt.

Russy's a well-travelled bear. He's been to Six Flags over Georgia, Busch Gardens, Disney World, Epcott, MGM Studio, and more. He's been to Coast Con, NOSFCon, DragonCon, Hurricon and more! He's met Piers Anthony, Neil Gaiman, Todd McFarlane and best of all (to his way of thinking) Marina Sirtis, too. Unfortunately, hispeople neglected to get pictures of any of these notable events. (They've since been pogrammed to do better--it left charred marks on hispeople.)

Russy's B5 Photo Album
Russy's Artist & Writer Friends
Russy's Tour Through Twin Peaks

Well, you didn't expect a super geekette like me to just have any old bear, did you? :)

Last updated 18-June-1998.