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Jamey Dee: Multimedia

First of all, let me say for the record, I'm really no one and nothing special in real life. I mean, sometimes ya'll can really turn a girl's head with the flattery! :) Anyway, I've had a lot of requests for a sound sample of my voice. :) Plus I thought I'd throw in some other odds and ends.

File Icon The Jamey Dee Screensaver
Try not to giggle too loudly. :) This is soooo silly! TMCF made this for me early in my cam career from two different cam pictures.
File Icon A Greeting from Me
This is what I sound like, folks! :) Click to listen or Shift-Click to download.
File Icon My Day, 1999-December-08
The first attempt at a video, just me telling you about my day. Proof positive that I am without vanity--what other camgirl would allow such a horrible snippet out? Here I am bedraggled and tired, looking very spaced out, but speaking and moving in real-time! Honest, I'm not usually this bizarre! Volume is low; you'll need to crank up the sound. Windows Streaming Media format, 194K. MPEG forthcoming!
File Icon New Orleans: The Plunge, 1999
This was our first trip with the camcorder. The idea was that we would film stuff and then just frame-capture pictures and snippets. We were at the Riverwalk, near the fountain just outside the mall. I saw three girls posing *in* the fountain. This seemed like a very Roaring-20's thing to do and I was inspired to do the same. What I didn't realize was that the water came up well past the knees of all three girls and they were all much taller than I! The other thing I didn't realize was that the water in the fountain was churning quite strongly and the tile was very slippery! You'll want to crank the sound up because Mike's reaction is rather funny You can also hear Dave calling out, "Don't do it!!!" (Note to self: Try posting a video that is actually FLATTERING to you just once!) MPEG format, approximately 2 megs.
File Icon Farewell, 2000-January-20
I say "Adieu" to my old office. It's embarrassing, particularly when I miss the light switch,'s sincere. I was in an awful hurry; the moving guys were coming down the hall and my co-worker was sitting in his office across the from me. I'm considered eccentric enough without people saying, "She was singing in her office." :)

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