Molly's Page

This is Molly; she shares my digs and sometimes participates in the minor mayhem which takes place around my office. Last Christmas Molly had her own little adventure! You see Molly had conceived the notion of making an afghan for the holidays!

First, Molly had to decide upon a pattern. This gave Molly the perfect opportunity to give in to P.A.S. (Pattern Acquisition Syndrome)! When I remonstrated with her about this extravagant expenditure, her reasoning was sooner or later she would want to make another afghan
Being at the craft store, Molly couldn't help but be symmetrical--what's the use of giving in to P.A.S. if you don't give in to Y.A.S. (Yarn Acquisition Syndrome)?!!! I mean, if you're going to have all those patterns, you need to have yarn to choose from!
After much consideration, what else was a little snowbunny going to pick but an appropriately snowy pattern!
So first, Molly made lots and lots of yarn snowflakes! She was churning them out faster and faster and faster!
Maybe too fast? Ummm....Molly, are snowflakes supposed to have seven sides?
Having made snowflakes galore, then Molly began making lots of blue hexagons to attach them to!
Now Molly had lots and lots of blue tiles. Then she began edging them in white to give them a lacy look!
Now Molly attached all the snowflakes together!
Molly with the fruits of her labor, a snowbunny and her snowfield afghan!