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For the humor impaired: That's sarcasm, folks!

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Click on my picture if you'd like to open a remote updating window that will allow you to continue browsing while you watch me. (Though *why* you'd want to, I can't fathom! ;P)
elcome to my webcam. I've been broadcasting since March of 1997, one of the first generation of cams that started after JenniCam. I know I was actually broadcasting intermittently before then, but March 1997 is the earliest I can prove. :) It started simply enough, a bunch of my friends had discovered "The Spam Cam" wherein one could watch a plate of Spam rot day by day, and then stumbled upon JenniCam. Jennicam became our soap opera of sorts. After a while, it dawned on me, well, darn, you know, I could do this, too. If my friends wanted something boring to watch (like Jenni Shoe Rack and Jenni Empty Bed), I fit the bill just as well, and I was more likely to be there! :) Thus Jamey Dee's Endlessly Thrilling Office/Home Cam was born. I've been broadcasting on a more or less capricious schedule since then. In that time I have developed some cam guidelines that I hold true to even now.
  • I will never adhere to a schedule.
  • I will only do this as long as it continues to be fun.
  • The day having the cam stops being fun, I will end the cam.
  • My website will always, repeat ALWAYS, be free.
  • I will NEVER beg for you to vote for me anywhere unless I'm running for elected office.
  • I will do as I damn please on cam.

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