Cam Art

I never ever would have guessed that anyone in the world would find artistic inspiration from my cam! The following pieces simply delighted me beyond all words and I can't think of a better thank you than to acknowledge the pieces publicly!

Oil Painting:
Jamey Dee
By Daniel Johnson

Daniel likes to dive into all types of artforms, from painting and drawing to composing music and poetry. He's currently working on his homepage.

Jamey Dee a la Terry Moore
By BleuJayOne

I had mentioned to (Bleu)Jay(One) that I was a fan of Terry Moore's wonderful comic series, "Strangers in Paradise," and hoped to somehow talk him into doing a quick sketch of me. Jay delighted me by producing this sketch in the style of this comic book! :)

Photo Art:
Red Wish
By wfs

Magic Card:
Summon SuperSpy
By wfs

wfs often puts a smile on my face with his e-mail, but his talents extend beyond the written word as well! :)