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Back in 1990, I fell in love with a beanbag bear I came across in a local Hallmark shop. I took the bear home, named him Myron Hebert, but he insisted on the nickname of Mybear. Little did I know that 7 years later, I would once again walk into a gift shop, spy another bear who won my heart, and find out he was of the same make as Mybear! It was only then I became aware of a line of bears and statues by Boyd.

Since my friends pick up Boyd Bears for my birthday and Christmas, I was asked to document which ones I had so they could check without asking me and ruining the surprise. :)

The Big Boy Bears!

Nelson II (glasses added), Myron Hebert (not his Boyd's given name, but there's controversy as to which one he is, either "Winston B. Bean" or "Bartholemew B. Bean") (glasses and sweater added), and S.C. Northstar.

The Little Boy Bears!

Sweet Pea (he's a Bubba bear--his face rotates), Slugger, Edmund, Ansel, Nod II, and Humboldt (seated)

The Girl Bears!

Velma Berriweather, ??, Bailey

The Girl Bunnies!

Elizabeth, Lucy, Emily Babbit, Rosie, Sara

The Boy Bunnies!

Aubergine...and, yes, that's an eggplant he's wearing!


Gouda, Chedda, and Colby Mouski

Doggies & Tabbies!

Millicent P. Pussytoes, ???, Tennyson, Indy

The Farm Animals

Primrose II and Violet Ewe (Not to be confused with Violent Ewe, her outlaw sister.)

Boyds Jungle Animal(s)

Dickie the Lionheart

T.F. Wuzzies

??, ??, Trevor

Mohair Bear(s)

Reagan, a limited edition mohair bear.

The Membership

The Loyal Order of Friend of Boyds Kit

New Additions to the Family!

Not pictured: Casimir, his extra sweater and his trunk. Picture to follow!